Announcement -17.03.20

Hey everyone


I am extremely sad to announce that the doors have closed prematurely on our takeover at Blue Honey Local. Given official advice and the fact that the venue has temporarily stopped trading, I don’t have any other option than to - for now - bring things to an end.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank; Andy and the incredible staff at Blue Honey Local for giving us the chance to use their kitchen and try this out; our temporary kitchen team for getting behind us and giving us a fighting chance despite my inexperience; and most of all you guys, for coming along in such crazy numbers and appreciating our food so much. When the going got tough, your unbelievable comments and positivity pulled us through. 


Those reactions have given us an appetite to carry on beyond Blue Honey Local and we are now doing to start looking at ways to move forward, both temporarily and in the longer-term. So, if you have a premises that needs filling, or a kitchen that needs taking over, or an idea that needs pursuing, please get in touch - we’d love to hear from you.


Lastly, to all our brothers and sisters in the hospitality industry, you have our utmost respect and sympathy in this awful time. Yesterday’s statement has put so many jobs and businesses in danger. I only hope that’s rectified in the coming days. If there’s anything I can do - beyond ordering your food and sharing your stories - please give me a shout.


A million thank yous everyone. Stay safe, and we hope to see you again very soon.


Forever and ever… ramen.


james & team matsudai x



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